My name is Cole and I have PCOS. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a frustrating and incurable condition affecting about 10% of the female population.

You probably have some questions and might be looking for support. Well, I’m a real person and I’ve been through this. I hope this website will be of help to you and if you need me, please drop me a line. Contact information is in the footer down below.

And one more thing–why golden shoes? When I was struggling with PCOS, nothing fit me. I gained a ton of weight and even the things that still fit didn’t make me feel very good. All I could think about at times was getting back into my favorite pair of gold pumps. When I wore those shoes, I always felt fabulous, but couldn’t bring myself to put them on in my current, uncomfortable state. So, I made some changes in my life and began treating PCOS. I lost the weight, I’m back in a size that makes me feel fabulous and yes, I proudly wear those gold pumps again.

It’s my hope that all women with PCOS are able to get back into their own pair of golden shoes with confidence (or little black dress, or skinny jeans or whatever.)