Curing vs. Treating vs. Managing

This entry was posted on May 3rd, 2011

Hi gals!

One of the things I most often have to clarify is regarding the words above–’Curing’ PCOS, Treating PCOS and Managing PCOS. Are they the same thing? No, not at all.

Again, just to remind everyone, I’m not a doctor or medical professional. I have PCOS and this is my opinion.

One of the items I am continually removing from Golden Shoes’ Facebook page are spam comments where people post “I found a cure for PCOS here” or “Buy this and cure PCOS.” This frustrates me to no end.

First, PCOS can not be cured. You can treat it. You can manage it. But you can’t cure it.

Why? Ok, hear me out.

‘Curing’ PCOS

PCOS is genetic. It’s a part of you. It’s not like the flu or some bacterial infection. Bacteria and viruses can be treated and eliminated. Your genes? Nope, those can’t. You were born with ‘em and you’re going to die with ‘em.

Treating PCOS

To treat PCOS means something is being done to remedy the symptoms or the root. Treatment can be a noun (for example, you can say that one of your treatment methods is a change in your diet). It is something that you can do. It’s also a verb. “I’m treating my PCOS with metformin, diet and exercise.” Treatment is something you do!

Managing PCOS

So what happens when you are maintaining your treatment program? You are managing your PCOS! Now, let’s remember that each woman will manage her PCOS in a different way. We’re all different. And because management of PCOS comes in many forms, there is no cookie-cutter method. However, management of PCOS definitely means it is ongoing. Not like a ‘only on Fridays’ kind of thing. ;)


So, this is my approach to PCOS and how my doctors have approached it as well. I am fortunate to have not only a PCOS specialist GROUP (amazing!) of physicians, but my general practitioner has a PCOS specialty and my gynecologist does too. In fact, my gynecologist also did my ovarian drilling surgery. It’s important that your physicians be on the same page with you on your PCOS. But you knew that. You’re smart. You’re concerned about your health. And you know that your own intuition is your best bet.

Thanks for letting me share. What do you think about this?