How should I exercise?

With PCOS, I think a well-rounded approach works best. Make sure you’re moving around everyday. Walk places. Get up and spend five minutes stretching. Little things add up.

If you’re sitting in front of the TV more than 7 hours a week, you need to be watching less TV.

I found yoga because of PCOS and I really enjoy it. I take around two yoga classes each week from a reputable studio. I also walk a lot. I walk into town, to the store, to the post office, to the library….these walks add up.

Looking at how much I exercise throughout the course of the day helped me to focus less on the fact that I need to exercise 7 hours a week and more on the need to move more all the time. That mentality helped me.

Update October 2011:

I strongly recommend yoga as a form of exercise (with walking, too.) Yoga is really and truly for every body, no matter the age, size, or shape. I believe this so much that I got my 200-hour certification and am now a yoga teacher. Please contact me through the website and I will look up a studio in your area and suggest a class for you. When I started yoga, I could not touch my toes, so don’t be self conscious about where you are in your own fitness.