Matcha (Green Tea) and Weight Loss

This entry was posted on June 18th, 2013

Hi all,

I wanted to link to you this article I think is worth reading as it applies to those of us with PCOS.

Integrating tea into my diet was one of the first things I did when I began managing my PCOS. The effects were profound and immediate. I’ll tell you why:

1. First, it got me to chill out. I used loose leaf tea (it doesn’t come in a bag) and I had to measure out the right amount, heat the water, get my things all set up. It became a ritual. To prepare the tea, to let it steep, to pour the cup, to wrap my hands around the warm mug…it very much became a thing. I think many of us, especially those of us that have been recently diagnosed, don’t realize how wound tight we’ve become. This relaxed me and got me to form a new, healthy habit.

2. Second, my digestion improved. When I added tea into my diet, I noticed things like soda and other sugary drinks went out by the wayside pretty quickly. My digestion improved, and we know that when you have PCOS, a low-sugar diet makes you feel good.

3. Third, I started sleeping better and my skin improved. No doubt due to the improvements in diet, but did you know that most of us are dehydrated? Drinking tea (I have 1-2 pots a day) boosted my hydration significantly.


I want to excerpt an important part of the article for you:

Traveling through Asian countries, you immediately notice that the population as a whole is slender. In researching matcha, I discovered how the amino acids unique only to green tea profoundly assist in weight loss and management by influencing how fat is processed in the body and how energy is utilized by the cells.

Clinical trials on rats have highlighted that those consuming green tea did not gain weight when fed a high-fat diet in comparison to those not given green tea. This was theorized to be due to the tea catechins inhibiting the breakdown and absorption of fat in the large intestine. A study by Kao et al (2000), published by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition, reported the following:

“… long-term consumption of green tea may decrease the incidence of obesity and, perhaps, green tea components such as EGCG may be useful for treating obesity.”

This highlights how matcha tea works to suppress your appetite through regulating hormones, such as leptin, which tell your brain that you are satisfied and full.


Please read the rest of the article here! It’s worth your time. And a reminder that ‘treatment’ for PCOS does not always mean medication and drugs. Lifestyle choices are a huge impact.