How am I going to stay sane?

There’s a reason depression is listed as a symptom of PCOS. Any woman would  be depressed waking up everyday unable to lose weight (and only able to gain it), hairier, balder and blotchier.

If you are like me, my biggest concern was my appearance when I found out I had PCOS. Losing weight, eliminating my issues with hair and improving my skin were priority number one. I was concerned about the other issues; heart disease, high blood pressure…the list goes on, but, in reality, trying to squeeze myself into a pair of too-small jeans another day was likely going to kill me first.

So, eat right, exercise and take your meds. In addition, you need to talk to someone. I saw a psychiatrist a few times and that helped, but as I lost weight and saw improvements, the depression lifted. I told my entire family and friends about PCOS and that helped too. PCOS is nothing to be ashamed of. Your genetics arrived in your body through no fault of your own; you’re just stuck with them.

Once I stopped being embarrassed about PCOS, accepted that I couldn’t cure it and started talking to people about it, my sanity came back better than ever.

Remember, depression is frequently caused by feeling that your life is out of your control. By being active in your treatment of PCOS, you can gain that control back.